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Beige Umbrella Stones Abaya - Aizacloset
52” (Small)54” (Medium)56” (Large)58” (Extra Large)

Beige Umbrella Stones Abaya

This Beige Umbrella Stone Abaya is perfect for all occasions. Crafted from lightweight nida material, the abaya is adorned with stone at the bottom. The abaya is an ideal choice...
Swarovski Stones - Aizacloset
52” (Small)54” (Medium)56” (Large)58” (Extra Large)

Swarovski Stones

A beautiful three pieces set of Jacket, Inner and Scarf. The full set is embellished with Swarovski Stones and embroidery. The model is wearing is size 58 Composition:  It comes with...
Pearls Pink Princess jacket - Aizacloset
52” (Small)54” (Medium)56” (Large)58” (Extra Large)

Pearls Pink Princess jacket

This Pearls Belt Princess jacket is the perfect choice for your formal look. Its flare pink abaya is embellished with exquisite silver handwork that adds glamour to any occasion. The...
Pearls Sea Green Jacket - Aizacloset
52” (Small)54” (Medium)56” (Large)58” (Extra Large)

Pearls Sea Green Jacket

This exceptional jacket is designed to elevate your style with its captivating sea green colour and exquisite handwork featuring shimmering silver pearls, designed to exude both modesty and style. Crafted...
Pre-order Glam Crimson - Aizacloset
52” (Small)54” (Medium)56” (Large)58” (Extra Large)

Pre-order Glam Crimson

  Fabric - Chiffon Scarf is not included Belt is inside in the jacket  Buttons up to waist Rope allows you to wear the abaya to adjust with your size...
Mirror Handwork Jacket - Aizacloset
52 (Small)54 (Medium)56 (Large)58 (Extra Large)

Mirror Handwork Jacket

This beautiful Mirror Handwork Jacket is perfect for special occasions or everyday wear. It features a mauve abaya, and thread handwork and is made from chiffon for a luxurious look...
Pink Embroidered Abaya - Aizacloset
52 (Small)54 (Medium)56 (Large)58 (Extra Large)

Pink Embroidered Abaya

This elegant abaya is crafted in black fabric, accented by stylish and subtle pink embroidery. The embroidery is carefully detailed, providing an ornamental and sophisticated look. With its timeless design,...